Anne Margrethe Quitzow

1652 - 1700


Anne Margrethe Quitzow came from the nobility and was born and grew up on the estate Sandagergaard on Funen, where she was instructed in modern languages as well as Greek and Latin. An object of general admiration and known as an erudite and shrewd woman, she married Christian von Pappenheim in 1675, who squandered her entire fortune. She declined into complete poverty and died anonymously.

Two unpublished translations and a poem have survived in the Karen Brahe Library (collection of old theological and historical works dating back to pre-1736): the three first books of De bello Gallico, C. Julii Cæsaris første (-tredje) Bog om den frantsoske Krigs beskriffuelse, approx. 1670, and the publication Lasternis skrabe, which she translated from German into Danish and Latin in 1669. Her other works are Sørgedigt over Ove Rosenkrantz Axelsen til Raakilde, which she wrote around 1685.