Maria Rebekka Mikkelsen

1872 - 1956

Faroe Islands

Maria Rebekka Mikkelsen was born and grew up in Tórshavn, where her mother, the young widow of a fisherman, wrote articles in the cultural magazine Varðin. She herself moved to Copenhagen in 1898, took her school leaving examination, became a registrar for the Danish State Archives in Copenhagen, and held many honorary posts in the Faroese community. She remained unmarried and moved to Tórshavn when she retired in 1947.

Besides her short story “Fyri fyrst”, printed in the periodical útiseti, 1945, she published a small number of poems, but her main literary activity was translation. She also saw to the composition, proofreading, etc., for most Faroese writers in the first half of the twentieth century.

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