Anne Krabbe

1552 - 1618


Anne Krabbe was the daughter of Margrethe Rewentlow and Erik Krabbe and wrote legal treatises and hymns. She was born at Aastrup in Voldborg district, married Jacob Bjørn of Stenalt in Randers district in 1588, was widowed in 1596, and died at Stenalt.

Anne Krabbe published En liden nyttig Bønebog in 1612 and Haand Postilla in 1616, a translation of a translation by Christoph Fischer. She left to posterity a number of manuscripts, including tombstone inscriptions and epitaphs, different editions of genealogical draftings, a journal containing letters and, most importantly, a song-book with eighty-eight songs, compiled in the early seventeenty century. The song-book’s introductions and notes recount how Anne Krabbe attempted to identify the characters and places in the song narratives, and thus they reveal her interest in history and folklore.

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