Elisabet Hermine Hermodsson

1927 - 2017


Elisabet Hermine Hermodsson was born in Gothenburg and grew up in Uppsala. Her father was originally a mining engineer and her mother a housewife; however, after moving to Uppsala they worked in the family printing business, Weilands Tryckeri. She is an artist, composer, and writer and works within several genres. She trained in advertising at the Kunsthåndværkerskolen (school of art and crafts) and had numerous exhibitions, including at the Nationalmuseum and Moderna Museet. She is also a contentious essayist writing about science, women’s issues, Christianity, and humanism. She has two children.

Following her debut in 1966 with her image poetry collection Dikt-ting, she made a name for herself with Mänskligt landskap orättvist fördelat (P), 1968. She is best known for Disa Nilsons visor, 1974, which takes a humorous look at the female role. Her later poems are dominated by a heightened female awareness coupled with concern for the threat to nature, and they culminate in a female image of God. Apart from Disa Nilsons Visor, to which a sequel was issued on CD in 1992, Bara drömmare och dårar, her major works are Gör dig synlig (P), 1980, the collection Skapelse utlämnad (P), 1988, Dimstråk, 1990, and Molnsteg, 1994.

Additions by the editorial team 2011:

The above biography was first published in 1998. Since then, Elisabeth Hermodsson has published her critique of civilisation Där världen blir till, 2000, as well as a book of selected opinion pieces from newspapers, Hemvist för mitt dubbeljag, 2004.