Anne Margrethe Bredal

1655 - 1729


Anne Margrethe Bredal was the daughter of a clergyman from Vrads district in Jutland. Her first marriage was around 1677 to the tenant of Brahesholm, Niels Sørensen, with whom she had eight children, and her second marriage was around 1697 to Erik Bredal, holder of a bachelor’s degree and later principal in Horsens.

As a child, she had the reputation of being apt and gifted, and at the age of fourteen she wrote a Latin speech on the occasion of the anointment of Christian V, Spes Daniæ, publica et indubitata, cui favet Augustus Rex Christoianus Quintus, printed in 1671. Two letters in Latin from 1696 and 1703 have been preserved at the Royal Library in Denmark, of which the later one is autobiographical. Anne Margrethe Bredal taught at the home of Birgitte Giøe, Quitzovsholm.