Vibeke Bild

1597 - 1650


Vibeke Bild was the daughter of Anne Kaas and Preben Bild, married Erik Rantzau of Gjessingholm in the district of Randers in 1613, but lived as a young widow at Aggersborg in the district of Hjørring and from 1631 at Lundgård and Thorupgård in the district of Viborg. During the 1630s and 1640s, Vibeke Bild compiled a series of song-books, three of which have survived, and they contain altogether more than three hundred songs.

The first two thirds of one of the song-books, written by Vibeke Bild herself together with female friends and relations, functioned as a poetry book; many of the songs in it appear to be partly written and personally edited by them. The final third and the two other song-books are written by a professional writer, and they contain a characteristically large number of copied sheet songs, some of which are German.

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