Elise Sofie Aubert

1837 - 1909


Elise Sofie Aubert, daughter of a clergyman, was born and grew up in Lier in eastern Norway. As a young girl she was often in Christiania. She was taught by private tutors, read profusely, and dreamed of being an author like Camilla Collet. In 1864 she married the lawyer and later professor Ludvig M. B. Aubert.

She made her debut in 1877 under the pseudonym “E-e” with Hjemmefra. Fortællinger for de Unge; in the guise of “Tante Dorte”, she wrote about girls’ education and upbringing, and finally she wrote the novel Dagny, 1882, under her own name. Most interesting are her memoirs Fra de gamle Prestegaarde, 1902, and Fra Krinolinetiden. Elise Auberts Ungdomsbreve og Dagbøker, published by her daughter in 1921.