Anna Greta Wide

1920 - 1965


Anna Greta Wide came from a teachers’ family in Gothenburg, completed her schooling at Gothenburg lower secondary girls’ school with top marks in classics and languages, graduated in 1951, and taught Swedish to boys at Göteborg praktiska Realskola (Gothenburg lower secondary school), later at the lower secondary school Kungsbacka Samrealskola.

She made her debut in 1942 with the perfectly crafted poetry collection Nattmusik, which depicts vitality using images of the sea, the womb, and a cradle at the centre of the Earth. In 1955, she published Dikter i juli about death and the bereaved. Her last poetry collection Den saliga osäkerheten, 1964, leaves the big questions of life unanswered. She died of cancer, diagnosed in 1963.

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