Johanne Vogt

1833 - 1906


Johanne Vogt lost her father at the age of two and grew up with close contact to her mother’s childhood home in Christiania. She attended the language school Frøken Lotz’ Sprogskole, married in 1863, and had six children, one of whom was the poet Nils Collett Vogt.

She made her debut with the tale “En tur til Rjukan” printed in the paper Skillings-Magazin, in 1866, wrote for children under the pen name J. V. and for adults under her own name, beginning with Fortællinger, 1887. Her memoirs Statsraad Colletts Hus og hans Samtid. Erindringer 1814-89, 1903, are based on her own memories and her maternal grandmother’s almanacs.

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