Ingrid Sjöstrand

1922 - 2020


Ingrid Sjöstrand comes from Rödön in Jämtland. She is a graduate, journalist, and teacher. In 1966, she made her debut with the children’s book Jag heter Muff and became successful through her children’s book Kalle Vrånglebäck, 1968, the first in a series of four books about Kalle and his sister Loppa that was also televised.

She has published around twenty adult works of various genres. She often examines social and partnership problems, such as in Samhem, 1970, a non-fictional book about forms of housing. Besides this, she has written Humlan vingad (P), 1976, which she herself calls functional poetry, and Törnrosasviten, 1985-1990, which describes a group of girls and how they evolve from fellow schoolgirls to old age pensioners. In 1992, she published Isranunkel (N), about the coldness between people in a welfare state, and in 1996 Vill du se en stjärna (N).

Additions by the editorial team 2011:

The above biography was first published in 1998. Since then, Ingrid Sjöstrand has published a number of books, including Dom stora, 2003, Det översvämmade barnet, 2004, and Skånes somrar ila, 2008.

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