Anna-Maija Raittila

1928 - 2012


Anna-Maija Raittila was daughter of a builder in eastern Finland, graduated in theology in 1952, was a lecturer in religion and psychology from 1954 to 1967, and active in state church organisations. She has published theological works and developed new forms of ecumenical and Christian social life and devotion at a time when there were no female clergy in Finland. She was made an honorary doctor of theology in 1980.

Her debut collection Ruiskukkaehtoo (P), 1947, like her other poetry collections, revolves around Christian, ethical themes. Her other works include Päivänvarjopuu (P), 1955, Lähteet (P), 1961, and Sateenkaari (P), 1968. Anna-Maija Raittila belongs to the post-war poets who wrote in a lyrical style, searching for a new form of language. She also translated Hungarian literature.