Gerda Kjellberg

1881 - 1972


Gerda Kjellberg was the daughter of an engineer and grew up in Kristinehamn, graduated in medicine in 1911, found a position at the St Görans Hospital, and worked as a doctor at Stockholm’s sexual hygiene clinic and at the state orphanage Tempelbacken. Furthermore, she sat on the managing board of Almänna barnbördshuset (general maternity hospital) from 1933 to 1953 and on the abortion legislation committee from 1934 to 1935.

She was one of the many Swedish radical women doctors of the twentieth century who played a major role in the battle for sex education and against prostitution and sexually transmitted diseases. In 1931, she was awarded a prize for her information publication Varifrån kommer jag, mamma? In her memoir volumes Hänt och sant, 1951, and Mera hänt och sant, 1970, she provides interesting glimpses of her field of work.

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