Abela Maria Gullbransson

1775 - 1822


Abela Maria Gullbransson was the daughter of merchant Svend Berglund and Johanna Kristina Brunius and was married to the merchant and judge L. Gullbransson in Varberg. She belonged to the pious, Western Swedish revival movement and had a large circle of friends, with whom she appears to have had a busy correspondence. Copies of part of this correspondence on spiritual matters can be found in the C. S. Lindblad collection at the University of Gothenburg Library.

Abela Gullbransson’s work Uppbyggliga sånger och böner vid åtskilliga tillfällen was published posthumously from 1823 in several editions. Bref om nådetillståndet was printed in 1858, and a collection of her observations was published in 1923 under the title För hemmets stilla stunder.