Loka Enmark

1931 - 2012


Loka Enmark was born in Bureå in Västerbotten. Family feuds and her parents’ disastrous marriage led her to love animals more than people and to harbour a mistrust of erotic love and relationships. In her adult years in Stockholm, she surrounded herself with cats.

For her, love is bound up with experiences of loss and disgust. In her novels it is primarily the women who reflect an anti-romantic attitude, often with the lover’s death as their reward. The energy in her work is rooted from the outset in a vengefulness directed both at men and at existence as such, and physical and mental outrage constitute a dark, tacit centre in her universe. Bedrägeriet, 1960, and her subsequent work Isgrottan, 1961, are cynical and dark stories. Her later novels include Skelettkusten, 1980, Mätartavlan, 1985, Kattfötterna, 1988, and Fisken och krokodilen, 1991.

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