Agneta Enckell

1957 -


Agneta Enckell was born into an intellectual, literary family in Helsinki and has one child.

Her debut work was a book of poems published in 1983 about urban and mental vulnerability. In rum; berättelser (P), 1987, the interplay and struggle between language and the body is more striking. In her breakthrough work Falla (Eurydike) (P), 1991, the conflict over language is played out most clearly between the male and the female. Her poetic language often seems to emerge from the sense of touch. It takes shape in long strings of words, letter rhymes, and repetitions. The underlying motifs are often associated with violence, murder, and mutilation, with woman as the victim. Enckell’s poetry collection Åter, 1995, is characterised by an even bolder step towards breaking down barriers in expression, by a suggestive mood and wilful punctuation.

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The above biography was first published in 1998. Since then, Agneta Enckell has published several poetry collections, including Innanför/utanför: ((1+) 3 x 13 + (1+) 13): Eller (4 Olika Sätt Att Närma Sig Ett Landskap), 2005, and Anteckningar: [intill Ett Nordligt Innanhav]: (2005-2008), 2010.

Agneta Enckell is the recipient of a number of awards and honours, including an award from the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland in 2006, and Gerard Bonniers Lyrikpris, 2011.

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