Ann Margret Dahlquist-Ljungberg

1915 - 2002


Ann Margret Dahlquist-Ljungberg was born in Ulricehamn. Her father was a stationmaster. She was educated at a technical college and art academy, was a book illustrator and visual artist who has had numerous exhibitions and has created theatre scenery together with her husband, the artist Sven Ljungberg.

After her debut with Jungfrun i berget (P), 1947, her key works were Rapport om öar (P), 1957, Isöga, (P), 1978, Barnen i stenen (P), 1983, the narrative poem Tyngdlagen eller nedstörtad ängel, 1988, Glömskans barn. Lyrisk drama: en kærlighedsthriller, 1992, and her present-day dialogues Hjälplös Gud och lika hjälplös Satan, 1995. She also wrote children’s books, some under the pseudonym of Gittan. Characteristic themes in her writing are the bitter struggle against war and nuclear power and a belief in the duty of women to preserve life, occasionally seen in a mythical light.

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