Catharina Burea

1601 - 1678


Catharina Burea was the daughter of Margareta Bäng and Johannes Tomæ Buræus (Johan Bure), tutor of King Gustav II Adolf and Sweden’s first keeper of national antiquities. In 1629 she married her father’s pupil, Johan Henriksson Axehielm, who later became keeper of national antiquities. She was tutored by Olof Laurelius, later Bishop of Västerås, and by the professor Jonas Columbus.

She translated Matthias Hafenreffer into Swedish, probably the Latin summary of Loci theologici, which was adapted for the Swedish culture. The work was printed for the first time in 1612 and became the rudimentary theology text-book for all levels of teaching for over one hundred years. Catharina Burea is said to have corresponded in Latin with Wendela Skytte, among others.