Johanne Buchardt

1908 - 1948


Johanne Buchardt was born out of wedlock, grew up with foster parents in the provinces, earned a living as a house assistant and seamstress, and later became a professional author.

Her first publication was a short story entitled “En pige gaar forbi” printed in the newspaper Skive Folkeblad in 1936. In her first novel Født til Graad, 1941, about a poor, parentless, and unpopular girl’s endeavour to create an existence for herself, the heroine returns to the countryside, while in her major work Der gaar ingen Vej tilbage, 1944, the main character Ingeborg succeeds in having an international career as a designer.

Ethical and religious reflections, that are an expression of the huge conflict between her childhood experiences and modern city life, are also present in Vinden og Kirsebærtræet (N), 1948, about the agonies of a female author.

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