Margareta Wilhelmina (Greta) Beckius

1886 - 1912


Margareta Wilhelmina Beckius was the daughter of a merchant, grew up in Årsta Holmar, and lost her mother in a drowning accident in the spring of 1905 after she had completed her upper secondary schooling. In the autumn of that same year, she moved to Uppsala, where she became a fellow student of Ellen Landquist and Lisa Rolf. She prepared her preliminary exam in theology, took her graduate degree in theology in 1909, but had to discontinue her literature studies when her father became seriously ill.

In 1911, she withdrew to a mountain hut in Dalarna to write the “truth” about female erotic love, but at the intervention of Emilia Fogelklou was taken to Uppsala around New Year. In January she shot herself. She bequeathed her manuscript to Emilia Fogelklou; however, it was never published and only exists as a fragment, the larger part having been destroyed by Greta Beckius’s younger sister in the 1960s.

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