Gunnel Annakarin Svedberg

1934 -


Gunnel Annakarin Svedberg was born in Halmstad as daughter of an agronomist, but the family moved to Malmö in 1941. From 1958 to 1959 she lived together with the singer Frank Scott from the USA, with whom she has two children. In the 1960s, she lived for a while in Spain and Italy. In 1967 she came into contact with Buddhism and travelled through Asia, studying Buddhist culture and meditation. Since the 1970s she has lived outside Stockholm, and in the late 1980s she participated in establishing the women’s political party in Sweden.

Her early production, beginning with her elegant work Vårvinterdagbok, 1957, is characterised by her determination to capture immediate life. It was followed by books such as Vingklippta, 1962, a ‘beatnik’ novel set in Stockholm, and Det goda livet (N), 1963, which is a muted description of the everyday life of two women in a romantic relationship. She also wrote the popular academic book En enda jord, 1978, which compares the religious ideas of different cultures. In 1994 she herself published Sex Kristalliska Berättelser.

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The above biography was first published in 1998. Since then, Annakarin Svedberg has published a number of books about spirituality, travelling, and other topics.

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