Solveig Margareta von Schoultz

1907 - 1996


Solveig Margareta von Schoultz was born in Borgå, daughter of the reverend and lecturer Albert Segerstråle and the painter Hanna Frosterus-Segerstråle, and published her memoirs Längs vattenbrynet in 1992. She qualified as a teacher in Nykarleby in 1926, became a journalist at the newspaper Borgåbladet, and a school teacher, first at her own school in Tölö and from 1937 at Lagusta girls’ school in Helsinki. She married the lawyer Sven von Schoultz in 1931 and had two children. She divorced in 1961 and later married the music professor and composer Erik Bergman.

In 1932, she made her debut with the children’s book Petra och silverapan. Besides children’s books and memoirs, she published thirteen poetry collections, including her first collection Min timme, 1940, and her latest Samtal med en fjäril, 1994, and Molnskuggan, 1996. Her poems, which deal with existential themes, are often about womanhood, motherhood, and care. She uses original, clear, and sensitive nature metaphors and modernist idiom. She also wrote short story collections on the themes of love and partnership, such as Ingenting ovanligt, 1947, and Kolteckning ofullbordad, 1983. Solveig von Schoultz has also published a novel and worked with drama in the form of fifteen radio plays, three theatre plays, and four television dramas.