Tytti Parras

1943 - 2018


Tytti Parras grew up in Helsinki and studied at the University of Tampere from 1963 to 1967. Her acclaimed debut novel Jojo, 1968, which depicts the chequered life of students with sexual liberation and new types of relationships, is a mixture of experiences at different levels, combining childhood memories, dreams, fantasy, and outer events and plotlines. Many of her novels depict a young girl liberated from the narrow constraints of a stuffy, middle-class family.

Tytti Parras’s works include, among others, Rakkaat, 1970, Pieni hyvinkasvatettu tyttö, 1978, Pensionaatti, 1984, and Vieras, 1992. In her novel Turkkilainen Satula, 1976, she describes the rootless existence of guest workers in northern Germany.