Julia Christina (pseud. Euphrosyne) Nyberg

1785 - 1854


Julia Christina Nyberg was the most renowned poet of Swedish Romanticism. She was the daughter of superintendents at Skultuna Bruk (Skultuna Brass Foundry) in Västmanland. When her parents died, the factory proprietor took over her upbringing. In 1809 she married the merchant J. H. Asping; however, they soon divorced, and she married again, this time the inspector at Skultuna, A. W. Nyberg.

She made her debut in 1817 with a number of poems printed in Poetisk Kalender; later, in 1822, Dikter was published, followed by Samlade dikter, 1831-1832, and Nya dikter, 1842. She also contributed to some of the popular poetry calendars of the period, and many of her poems were set to music. The rhyme of the stanzas and the sound of the words were an important element in her poetry. She was fond of motifs from the Middle Ages, the myths of antiquity, as well as folk-tales and legends.

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