Magnea J. Matthíasdóttir

1953 -


Magnea J. Matthíasdóttir began studying psychology in the 1970s in Copenhagen, has worked as a cultural journalist and translator, has been married twice, and has two children.

After her debut in 1976 with the poetry collection Kopar, she published the successful novel Hægara pælt en kýlt, 1978, in which the fairy tale about the abducted princess merges with the language peculiar to the drug scene and the adventure of being high in the 1970s’ freetown of Christiania in Copenhagen.

Her key works are Göturæsiskandídatar (N), 1979, and Sætir strákar (N), 1981. Her writing is about young, confused people from the working class who in the face of harsh reality seek refuge in drugs and reverie.

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