Ina Lange

1846 - 1930


Ina Lange had a bourgeois upbringing, was tutored by governesses, and studied at the music conservatories in Berlin and Moscow. She published several musical education books under her own name, the last as late as 1930.

Under the pseudonyms Daniel Sten, Daniel Stern, etc., she contributed to Finnish breakthrough literature with works such as Bland ödebygder och skär. Berättelser från Finland, 1884, Sämre folk (N), 1885, En skæbne (N), 1887, Luba. En studie (N), 1889, and Berättelser från Finland, 1890. Her subjects are related to class conflicts and the position of women, with a focus on dramatic incidents and a pathos that is reminiscent of nineteenth century popular novels.

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