Busk Rut Jonsson

1925 - 2010


Busk Rut Jonsson grew up in a working-class home in Malung, became a primary and lower secondary school teacher, and has worked at the Writers’ Centre in Sweden and the Författarförlaget (writers’ publishing house).

Her debut as a poet in the publication Bonniers Litterära Magasin, 1957, was followed by Arbetsövningar, 1959, a pamphlet issued by Metamorfos, a young literary group in Stockholm. The poems from this collection were also included, together with eighteen new poems, in the acclaimed poetry collection Tuppfjät – övningar i poerosa, 1959. In 1964 she published the poetry collection I stöpet. A series of critical diary records from a period in Liberia, Tack vare Lamco, 1969, reflect the debate on development aid, Western World capital, and colonial oppression in the Third World. Her other works are Halsgropen (N), 1965, and the television drama Marktjänst – et spel om kvinnans plats, performed in 1974.

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