Ingrid Mejer Jensen

1952 -


Ingrid Mejer Jensen was born in Roskilde, qualified as a teacher in 1978, and graduated in Danish at the University of Southern Denmark in 1985. Her debut poetry collection I forsvindingstiden, 1983, was regarded by Poul Borum as an important renewal of 1980s women’s poetry, and Michael Strunge, who reviewed her subsequent work Solemærker, 1986, noted in particular the poems’ intense experience of the body and the cosmos. Audacity, vision, and precision are the hallmarks of her poetry, in which epithets of colour often set the scene for something paradoxical, unexpected, or obviously liberating.

Nature, language, and the body harmonise in her symbolist-like verse, also expressing a child’s joy and pain in her collection Til jorden, 1989. Ingrid Mejer Jensen is a translator of Norwegian and English and has been involved in writing workshops at different education and training institutions and higher educational institutions.

Additions by the editorial team 2011:

The above biography was first published in 1998. Since then, Ingrid Mejer Jensen has written the poetry collection Grænser i streg og tanker, 2006.

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