Inger Huuva-Utsi

1914 - 1984


Inger Huuva-Utsi was of Sami origin. She was a qualified teacher and a maker of Sami handicraft, known as Sami Duodji, and the first secretary of the Kiruna Sami association in Sweden.

Together with her husband Paulus Utsi, she was for a time an adviser in Sami slodj (handicraft) in Sweden, and they jointly published the poetry collection Giela gielain (which means to capture the language using language) in 1980. Two years later she published the children’s book Mon lean Jovnnas, and in 1991, the surviving manuscript of another children’s book was published under the title Giehpaseaibi. In connection with the fiftieth anniversary of the Kiruna Sami association in 1987, an anothology of older tales written by her were published under the title Máddariid árbi.