Signe Marie (Zinken) Hopp

1905 - 1987


Signe Marie Hopp was the daughter of a ship’s officer, grew up in Ullensvang and Christiania, and worked as a governess in France, Spain, and England after leaving school. She married in 1932, settled in Bergen, and had two children.

Her debut in 1930 with Guvernante-vers conveys in a playful, humorous, and youthful tone the longing of a young girl. However, Signe Marie Hopp won true recognition through her poetry collection Kjøkkenvers, 1933, which cheerfully comments on the everyday lives of women with children and housework and at the same time reflects on life and happiness.

Zinken Hopp’s poetry, which breaks with traditional, high-flown poetry in its choice of themes and language, is upbeat and epic. She was also a prolific cultural writer and children’s books author, re-telling Homer’s Odyssey and Norse legends.