Sigríður frá Munaðarnesi Einarsdóttir

1893 - 1973


Sigriður frá Munaðarnesi Einarsdóttir is the sister of Málfriður Einarsdóttir, was born and grew up in western Iceland, moved as a young girl to Reykjavík, lived for a few years in Copenhagen, studied for one winter in Dresden, and worked for most of her life as an attendant at The National Museum of Iceland. She had one child.

In the transition between the folkloric tradition of Icelandic poetry and modernism, she used traditional stanza forms in her first poetry collection Kveður í runni, 1930, while often adopting an ironic stance to tradition. In her later books she shifted completely to modernism. She published four poetry collections, the last two when she was almost eighty years old, and was also productive as a translator of poetry and novels.