Hildur Dixelius

1879 - 1969


Hildur Dixelius was the daughter of a clergyman who lived near the border of Lappmark, and her second marriage was to the German anti-Nazi professor Ernst von Aster. Her debut work was Barnet in 1909, which won first prize in a novel competition.

Her books were widely printed throughout Europe, particularly the historical trilogy from Norrland Prästdottern (1920; Eng. tr. The Minister’s Daughter), Prästdotterns son (1921; Eng. tr. The Son), and Sonsonen (1922; Eng. tr. The Grandson). Her play Mördaren was performed in Stockholm in 1928. Hildur Dixelius also published Signe Hebbes minnen samlade och efter muntlig berättelse nedskrivna, 1919.