Tora Dardel

1899 - 1995


Tora Dardel was the daughter of the baron and discoverer Axel Klinckowström, went to Paris to study art, but abandoned her plans to become a sculptor when she married the painter Nils Dardel in 1921.

Following her debut novel Flikan som resta ensam, 1923, she began an extensive writing career. In her journalistic writing, she wrote under the pen name “Voila” for both Swedish and French newspapers. She divorced Dardel in 1932 and married again in 1934, this time Lord Mac Hamilton, whom she divorced in 1944.

Her autobiography Jag for till Paris of 1941 centres on her life together with Nils Dardel, and she wrote a lengthy biography of his life in 1953. In the 1950s and 1960s, she returned to the scene as a fiction writer, publishing novels such as Kungens frilla, 1958, and Kung Eriks son, 1960.

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