Diana Bredenberg

1963 - 2005


Diana Bredenberg grew up in the country, trained to work in cultural administration, and settled in Karis, a provincial area in southern Finland, where she lived as an author. She got one child.

She was a passionate reader from a very early age and was influenced by the social portraits of the nineteenth century French writer Victor Hugo and by the works of the Swedish contemporary writer Pär Lagerkvist. The vulnerability of children is a consistent theme in her own poetry, which was launched with Barndomskriget, 1984. In the course of seven poetry collections, she widens her theme to embrace all communication between people, which is constantly under threat. Her collections Hinna (P), 1989, and Ur (P), 1993, provide further examples of deeply pessimistic criticism of society, poems with an underlying dark and hypersensitive mood, but also individual examples of sensitively lyrical portraits full of hope.

Additions by the editorial team 2011:

The above biography was first published in 1998. Since then, Diana Bredenberg wrote two poetry collections, Vatten, 1998, and Oktobervisiten, 2005.

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