Emma Erika Bendz

1858 - 1927


Emma Erika Bendz was the daughter of a district dean in Lund and grew up in Söderslätt. She already manifested her literary interest in 1882 with her play En brunnskur i Ronneby, of which twenty-five copies were printed. After the death of her husband Professor Hans Bendz in 1914, she wrote children’s books such as Solgårdsfamiljen, 1920, and Onkel Teddy, 1924.

She also wrote history of culture works, which, besides her memoirs Söder om landsvägen, 1916, and Från pilträdens land och syrenernas stad, 1918, include the stories Fest i Lund, 1922, and A.U. Bååth och hans krets, 1926.

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