Mary Andersson

1929 - 2020


Mary Andersson was born in Thunaberg, and in her novels Sorgenfri, 1979, Barnrika, 1983, and Solgårdarna, 1986, describe how she grew up in Malmö in a house for large families, characterised by an atmosphere of solidarity, dialogue, and humour.

Her debut work, published when she was forty-five, was the play Maria från Borstahusen, which was described as “a commemorative portrait of Sweden’s poor”. Her autobiography, Tjänsteflickan, was first issued as a radio play in 1979 and later as a book in 1984. Her documentary book Asbestarbetarna berättar was published in 1980. Her enormous social commitment is a hallmark of her writing, which often describes the vulnerable lives of poor women as well as their perseverance and humour. She herself was a working mother who brought up two children single-handedly while writing as well. Her novel Den stora bluffen was published in 1995.

Additions by the editorial team 2011:

The above biography was first published in 1998. Since then, Mary Andersson has written Den stora bluffen, 1995, Kära MAS!, 2001 and Den vingabrödna (Den vingbrutna), 2009.

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