Eva Ingrid Elisabet Alexanderson

1911 - 1994


Eva Ingrid Elisabet Alexanderson was born into an educated family in Vasastan, Stockholm, and passed her upper secondary school leaving examination in 1930. Her debut works were three short stories, after which she moved to Lund and graduated from university in 1935. With the outbreak of World War II, she left the lexicography department of the publishing house Svenska Bokförlag to join the anti-Nazi newspaper NU. She later became an assistant at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs and from 1946 to 1955 was senior publisher at Bonniers publishing house. Between 144 and 1946, she was married to Gustaf Ragnvald Lundström, spent periods of time in Paris and Rome, and worked as a translator of French and Italian prose

Her first novel, Resa till smältpunkten, about poverty in a developing country was published in 1954. Author of the religious travel account Pilgrimsfärd, 1967, and the scandal-provoking, autobiographical novel Kontradans, 1969, a highly erotic depiction of lesbian love in a convent community, Eva Alexanderson is representative of intellectual women writers of the 1960s. A few years before her death, after a long interval, she published Sparkplats för jungfrun. Ett socialmänskligt collage, 1992.