Janson, Drude Ulriche Petrea Krog

1846 - 1934


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Janson, Drude Ulriche Petrea Krog

Written by:  Irene Iversen

Drude Ulriche Petrea Krog Janson was the daughter of a clergyman, born in Norderhov, and grew up in Bergen. In 1868 she married the Norwegian author, critic, and champion of Nynorsk (New Norwegian), Kristoffer Janson, and travelled with him to Minneapolis, USA, where he was a Unitarian minister for twelve years.

She made her debut in 1887 with En ung Pige. Fortælling, which was published in Copenhagen. Later, she published the novels Mira. Et livsløb, 1897, and Helga Hvide, 1908, under the pseudonym Judith Keller. Her marriage with Kristoffer Janson was dissolved in 1897, and Drude Krog Janson subsequently moved to Copenhagen, where she spent her remaining years.

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Asbjørn Grønstad & Lene Johannessen (ed.): To become the self one is: a critical companion to Drude Krog Janson's "A saloonkeeper's daughter", 2005

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