Mette Thomsen

1970 -


Mette Thomsen was born in Humlebæk. In 1991 she has attended a cartoon drawing school in London and has subsequently studied law and psychology. Mette Thomsen made her debut in 1994 as a novelist with Af en superhelts bekendelser, a humorous, comic strip-like crime story about the super hero Emma Smith, who, like an avenging angel, wants to fight crime and violence in the city. In Plastic (N), 1995, she employs an even more forceful tone and surrealist humour to portray the growing idiocy and impending demise of the modern TV generation. Mette Thomsen has also written the novel Hajfyldte farvande, 1996.

The above biography was first published in 1998. Since then, Mette Thomsen has published the poetry collection Vindæg, 2005, and the novel Seks, 2009.