Tine Schmedes

1946 -


Tine Schmedes was born into a Copenhagen intellectual milieu. In the 1960s and 1970s, she was a sought-after commentator of the times and activist and together with Suzanne Giese published the controversial interview book Hun. She was a single mother of three children, unqualified, and sat on the Copenhagen City Council, which she threw into commotion when she breastfed her child during a meeting.

When she turned to religion in 1976 after living for a number of years in the Copenhagen freetown of Christiania, she changed her life radically. As part of intense meetings and preaching activities, she wrote a number of articles for her own 1980s magazine Danne Bro with titles such as “Søskendehjem”, “Thomas-evangeliet i håndskrift”, “De 10 Bud”, “Befalingen”, “Søskendeflokken på vejen”, “Ved dette skal du sejre”.