Malan Poulsen

1963 -

Faroe Islands

Malan Poulsen grew up with her grandparents in a village in Øravík. She attended a higher education college in Norway, took her preparatory examination on the Faroe Islands, obtained a degree in Danish and folklorist studies, and is a teacher at a higher commercial school in Tórshavn. She has travelled in South America and has written since she was sixteen years old. Her first poems were printed in a children’s magazine, after which she made her debut in the periodical Brá in 1986 and two years later published her poetry collection Lát. She has also written a song text for the album Stormávaring, 1985, and her second poetry collection, Ímillum, was published in 1996. Her poems deal with childhood, problems encountered by artists, and impressions from her travels.