Ester Blenda Elisabeth Nordström

1891 - 1948


Ester Blenda Elisabeth Nordström belongs to the women pioneers within Swedish journalism and became known for her social accounts and travel accounts. In 1914 she took up work as a maid servant at a country estate under a false name and in En piga bland pigor, 1914, provides an inside view of the conditions of a vulnerable social group. Kåtornas folk (1916; Eng. tr. Tent Folk of the Far North), described the Sami in Lapland and Amerikanskt, 1923, the conditions faced by emigrants, written after she had travelled to the USA.

As a motorcycle pioneer, she undertook a famous reporter journey in southern Sweden. Within the popular tomboy genre, she published a different type of jolly, humorous girls’ book, En rackarunge, 1919, about the orphaned Annmari with a lively and uncontrollable temperament. Her second book on Annmari, 15 år, 1921, became, like the subsequent Patron Annmari, 1931, and Patron förlovar sig, 1933, a refreshing story that appealed to young, modern girls of that time.