Tove Nilsen

1952 -


Tove Nilsen was born in Oslo, where she grew up in a suburb together with neighbours originally from other parts of Norway. Her works reflect Norwegian social debate throughout the last decades on topics ranging from the oppression of women to unemployment and racism.

She made her debut at the age of twenty-two with a novel about abortion, Aldri la dem kle deg forsvarsløst naken. Besides her novels, many of which depict Oslo in the period after the war, she has written children’s and teenage books and non-fiction books, bringing out a new book almost every year.

Tove Nielsen’s key works include the novels Skyskraperengler, 1982, Den svarte gryte, 1985, I stedet for dinosaurer, 1987, Chaplins hemmelighet, 1989, Amazonaspornografen, 1991, and Øyets sult, 1993. Her novel Skyskrapersommer, 1996, was a new high point in her writing.

Additions by the editorial team 2011:

The above biography was first published in 1998. Since then, Tove Nilsen published the novels G for Georg, 1997, Etter Kairo, 2000, Kvinner om natten, 2001, Kretadøgn, 2003, Sommer 2005, 2006, Vingetyven, 2008, and Nede i himmelen, 2010. She has also written Skrivefest – sakprosa om å skrive, 2005, og Øyer i hjertet – en begeistringsbok, 2011.

She is the recipient of a number of awards, including Amalie Skram-prisen 2011.

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