Ingri Lønnebotn

1946 -


Ingri Lønneboth was born in Bergen as the daughter of a secretary and a freight manager in a shipping company. She is a journalist and has two children.

After her debut in 1988 with Jordstyrt (P), she wrote several novels and short stories and put on three plays. Her poems are written in dense, minimalist language, while her first novel Knekk meg litt kjærlighet, 1989, about incest in post-war Bergen, is a realist work. Her subsequent works are more postmodern with broken plot sequences, multiple layers of plot and time, and unstable narrative voices. Key themes are time and memory and the relationship between creativity and destruction. Her novel Alene, mot himmelen, 1992, centres on Leonardo da Vinci and his work with Mona Lisa and contains fragmentary reflections on art and life. She later published the novels Den andre, 1995, and Hun var en liten kvinne jeg ikke kjente særlig godt, 1997.

Additions by the editorial team 2011:

The above biography was first published in 1998. Since then, Ingri Lønnebotn has written the poetry collection Spinkelspenn, 2000, and the novels Bort fra dine øyne, 1999, Ad Undas, 2001, Wonderbra, 2002, and Megrez, 2007.

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