Gurli Ingegärd Lindén

1940 -


Gurlii Ingegärd Lindén was born in Öja, Österbotten, and is now settled in Sweden, has worked as a sales clerk, and has three children. Her debut poetry collection Att resa sig was published in 1973 and was followed by her works of prose Bli till, 1976, Första damernas, 1979, Maras ö, 1984, and Framtid, 1989, and subsequently the poetry collections I tigerns öga, 1983, Pyramid, 1990, and Grodan, 1993.

As a writer, she has shifted from feminist realism to the image-laden female myths in both her poetry and her prose. Gurli Lindén is connected to the artistic collaboration of the Kvinnoskribentgruppen (women writers’ group) in Österbotten and is co-founder of the alternative publisher Författarnas Andelslag (writers’ cooperative).

Additions by the editorial team 2011:

The above biography was first published in 1998. Since then, Gurli Lindén has written poetry in Myrlod, 2001, and Norrut, 2006, and prose in Varans dröm, 2003, and Röster från Mu, 2007.