Marie Hermanson

1956 -


Marie Hermanson was born near Gothenburg, trained at journalist school, studied sociology, children’s literature, and literature at university, and worked in various occupations, including as a journalist for the daily press.

She made her debut in 1986 with the short story collection Det finns ett hål i verkligheten, which combines the tradition of the Nordic fairy-tale with the Anglo-Saxon fantasy genre. Snövit (N), 1990, is a personal re-interpretation of the folk tale; in Tvillingsystrarna, 1993, and Värddjuret (N), 1995, she develops her particular style, which combines crystal clear, sensual realism with the subtlety of the fairy-tale. Thus her writing falls within the renewal of realism that took place in 1980s Nordic literature.

Additions by the editorial team 2011:

The above biography was first published in 1998. Since then, Marie Hermanson has published the novels Musselstranden, 1998, Ett oskrivet blad, 2001, Hembiträdet, 2004, Mannen under trappan, 2005, Svampkungens son, 2007, and Himmelsdalen, 2011.

She is the recipient of Bokhandelns val 2005 and other awards and honours.