Margareta Ekström

1930 - 2021


Margareta Ekström was born in Stockholm, has a university degree, and works as a journalist and as a film and theatre critic. After her debut work Aftnar i Skt. Petersburg (SS), 1960, she published over thirty books, most of which were short story collections, but also novels, poems, children’s books, a nature diary, Om naturen på Stora Skuggan, 1979, and a contemplative diary, Ord i det fria, 1982.

Her works deal with the unpredictability, capriciousness, and unexpected drama of everyday life. She often writes about reclusive characters, who in fear shy away from contact with others. Her works include Flickorna (N), 1963, Ord till Johanna (P), 1973, Kvinnan som reste med Montaigne (N), 1981, Kärlekens utland (SS), 1982, Den femte årstiden (SS), 1983, Skilda öden (SS), 1988, and Skärmar (P), 1990. Olga om Olga, 1994, is illustrated by her daughter, the poet and artist Johanna Ekström (b. 1970).