Lydia Didriksen

1957 -

Faroe Islands

Lydia Didriksen was born in Tórshavn, where she grew up. She trained as a teacher at Silkeborg teaching college and works as a teacher in Tórshavn. She is married with two children.

Lydia Didriksen’s debut work was Tað reyða hellið (SS), which was printed in the periodical Brá in 1986, the same year her short story “Frostrósan” won a competition. The story was published together with the other entries to the competition in Frostrósan og aðrar søgur, 1987. Since then, she has published the teenage novel Skuggar, 1990, about a girl’s personal problems, her parents, and her milieu and the short story collection Gráglómur, 1993, which contains mythical material and describes the mental stages in the development of young women.

She has also contributed to magazines such as Brá and Birting.