Lola Baidel

1951 -


Lola Baidel was the daughter of a director and a school principal. She passed the upper secondary school leaving examination in 1969 and published her debut collection of poems Kun noget levende in 1978. In the following years, she published a number of poetry collections En sagte raslen, 1978, Du skal passe din have, 1979, Søndagsbørn gav lov, 1981, and Døren er åben, 1984, which celebrates spontaneous erotic love and female desire, but also considers the onerous aspect of relationships with men. Her poems, which are simple, full of sweetness, and to the point, won a, considering the genre, unusually large number of readers, whom she met during a long series of organised readings and debates. In 1983, she published the novel Små hop på stedet. She has also written musicals in collaboration with the rock musician Lis Sørensen and radio plays. In 1997, she published Du kan sagtens klare dig uden en mand – men ikke uden en vaskemaskine.

Additions by the editorial team 2011:

The above biography was first published in 1998. Since then, Lola Baidel has written the novel Som sendt fra himlen, 2001.