Barbro Backberger

1932 - 1999


Barbro Backberger came from Kungälv. In 1968 she participated, together with Karin Westman Berg, in the first women’s literary seminar in Uppsala. The seminar led to the essay collection Könsroller i litteraturen, which became a classic of early emancipation literature. She has also published the essay collection is Det förkrympta kvinnoidealet, 1966, and “Den heliga familjen”, an article which aroused a great deal of publicity when it was published in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter in 1965.

Her debut work was Goddag, Yxskaft (P), published in 1965, and she also published the prize-winning novel Inga träd växer in i himlen, 1977, and the novel Sagan om grobladens rike, 1982, a historical account from the seventeenth century, both set in the west coast region of Sweden.

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