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Karen Brahe and her library at Odense Adelige Jomfrukloster (Odense Secular Convent for Unmarried Noblewomen)

Written by: Anne Marie Mai |

A conversation between postdoc Lucie Duggan, PI of the Augustinus-funded research project Reading Women. Karen Brahe and Female Book Ownership (1609-1736), SDU, and Professor Anne-Marie Mai, editor of Nordic Women’s Literature, SDU, on Lucie Duggan’s research project.

Karen Brahe (1657-1736) collected books and manuscripts, in particular older Danish manuscripts and she also inherited a collection from her relative Anne Gøye. Karen Brahe’s library and collections are the only surviving private collections of the period. They contain many unique manuscripts and books. In Nordic women’s literature researcher Marianne Alenius has presented her groundbreaking research on Brahe and her library – an important work that showed the many aspects of Karen Brahe and her library. Lucie Duggan’s project renews the research on Karen Brahe and her library.